Meet Souldreamin: A Filmmaker For The Divine Feminine

SoulDreamin’s Yogi Taji

Souldreamin is the visual home of Miami-bred Yogi Taji, a spirited photographer and filmmaker who captures images of young women’s natural beauty on a mission to promote self-acceptance.  We took a second to catch up with Yogi following her Miami premiere of her new vignette-style short film entitled Sad Princess.

A still from ‘Sad Princess’

1. What is the concept behind your new film, Sad Princess?

The concept behind my new film, Sad Princess, is telling the electric story of a mysterious loner who has loved, lost and healed. Sad Princess was created to help me find closure on my past, I saw the story playing in my head and realized that I need to bring light to a stereotype that society has placed on females, which is that if we love too much we are to be branded as fast or easy and then internally we start to feel ashamed and bury feelings of pain and regret, which causes damage to our evolution as women but what I realized is that those feelings shouldn’t be buried, they should be used to create from and share the vulnerability to inspire. When relationships end, especially in young couples, the soul is left to hurt and it causes a shift which is never healed so I had the idea to show with Sad Princess that you have to heal and go into those feelings of sadness and release them. You do have to find the beauty within the darkness.

2. You utilize women often in your visuals. What inspires you to make that creative choice?

It’s interesting that you ask this because recently I have noticed that I didn’t consciously choose women to by my dominant muses. I do gravitate towards women who have a bright light within but they don’t see it themselves, so that inspires me to help them find that self-love and empowerment through the visual arts. Seeing a female find comfort, strength, beauty and truth in Self is the greatest inspiration. Creating with the divine feminine is like the highest frequency, it just bounces through mediums, particularly with me through photography and film. 

Instant shots from the ‘Sad Princess’ Premiere Screening

3. What were some of the challenges you worked through to bring your film to life? 

Oooooo the challenges haha. I’ve been working on this film for almost a year which is longer than I envisioned it. Some challenges I worked through to bring the film to life was balancing my day job, sacrificing time and prioritizing time, losing my whole entire memory card and having to start from scratch which in the end was a blessing and the most important challenge was to overcome the battles within to keep pushing through. The decision of actually sharing this particular story and being so open with a piece of my life was a constant back and forth battle. I had to tell myself that it’s not about me at all and if I was chosen with the vision then I have to follow through because it is one that will heal souls, especially our goddesses. Aside from that, I was dealing with insecurities as far my equipment quality and editing skill level but I learned that what is important is the message and what is real will be felt, learning to work with what you have is the biggest teacher, in that you learn so many new techniques and experiences that a classroom can’t show you. Another challenge was my home environment, they not the type of supporters who put constant positivity in your ears but rather doubt, I overcame that by surrounding myself with creatives who believed in the film and in my craft.

4. What are some of the things that you absolutely need to get in your creative zone?

To get in my creative zone I need a peaceful environment, I don’t like feeling cluttered when I’m about to shoot or edit, it creates a block from the universe to me, not allowing the magic to flow so it’s absolutely needed to create the vibes by lighting incense and having candles burning. Depending on the energy of the day, Sage will be used to cleanse the air. Music is a must, especially for photoshoots, the right songs evoke the necessary emotions but when editing, if there is too much noise in my head, silence is needed. I can’t forget the visual stimulation at all times to stay in my creative place which is watching Anime, films or music videos. 

Souldreamin x SPAL

5. What does it mean to be Soul Dreamin?

Ah, this question is so deep. I guess I can start with a little background on Soul Dreamin. Soul Dreamin was termed from an otherworldly experience I was having in my sleep. A friend, Nxko, who made beats himself, inspired me at the beginning of my art journey and soon after passed away. He came to me in my dreams and I vividly would remember the scenery and the conversations, this was my first time dealing with something so deep and I know it was real so it only made sense that this “dream” world we were meeting in, is my souls home and when I would wake up this “reality” is the dream. Here on Earth is where we thrive to make our dreams real and in order to do that we do need imagery and substance to bring it into fruition.

To be SoulDreamin is to be creating from a place deep in yourself, living out your dreams and tapping into your inner self, separating from ego and allowing Soul to radiate through your physical vessel. Being Soul Dreamin is simply being. 

6. How does Miami influence your visual direction?

Miami influences my visual direction with its vibrant nature. There is constant color, from the houses to the flowers that blossom around them. Using natural environments is key to my visuals and Miami provides a huge array of locations that compliments the direction. In the city, everywhere you go you get a good point of view of the sky, allowing the Sun, the Moon, the colors of the sunsets or sunrises to be captured easily. Automatically I would turn to dark, mysterious tones but Miami constantly reminds me to have a contrast and play with color in my photographs.

Still From ‘Sad Princess’

7. What are your upcoming goals for Soul Dreamin?

Upcoming goals for Soul Dreamin is to finish the next visual project after Sad Princess which is titled Soul Flowers. Soul Dreamin will be moving to New York in April 2017 and expanding the wave, soul connecting with more dreamers. New brand merchandise will be released as well. There’s always new content and ideas in the works so staying up to date with Soul Dreamin via or @SoulDreamin is the best way to see the constant goals. 

Instant Photos From ‘Sad Princess’ Screening

8. What is the message that you’d most like to share with the world?

The message that I would like to share with the world most is to heal yourself. Like really tune into nature and dive into your deeper universe. It won’t be easy at all but this is a step closer to changing this world and getting it back to what it was, back to “reality”, back to love. We are so far removed from who we are and it’s all intentional but with the consciousness that is so highly available over the internet it’s so possible to find the tools that will help you heal and if you need assistance Soul Dreamin got you. With the power of imagery, the feelings and emotions that are locked within you that need love&light will be rippled and then released into a work of Art.

You = Art = Life = Nature = Soul.

Keep Dreamin everyone. With much love, Yogi. 

Stay tuned for more, and click here to watch ‘Sad Princess’

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