3 Minutes With Jada La Reign

We’re 2 days away to NOSTALGIA at Kimoto Rooftop this Friday, our celebration of the divine feminine in Downtown Brooklyn hosted by a gang of creative goddesses holding it down in NYC. Meet one of the bad gyal selectas that will be setting the vibe with tunes, Jada La Reign and get into her wave.

1. What is your biggest goal for what you do?

My biggest goal as a DJ, and with my involvement in music is to share its immense healing power. Music, and it’s many facets, have always served me as a source of love and warmth; in addition to leaving my personal creative imprint, I hope to share those same sentiments with others. In a time where the industry has become saturated, and overconsumption normalized, my goal is to create an impactful experience through the curation of sounds. 

2. How does your environment inspire you as a woman?

As a young woman of color living in Bushwick, I derive so much of my inspiration from my environment; the many collaborative energies that occupy Brooklyn. Every day, I get inspired by the people, the architecture, the rich history, even the struggles associated with being an artist in the big city. It feels purposeful.

3. Tell us your personal style theory in 3 words.

Organic, eclectic, uninhibited.

Hang Out With Jada La Reign IRL, RSVP To NOSTALGIA Here.


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