3 Minutes With Coco Mamba

NOSTALGIA, our rooftop celebration and mixer in Downtown Brooklyn goes down this Friday 4/28 and is hosted by a gang of creative goddesses holding it down in NYC. This week, we are introducing you to the wavy women who will be a part of NOSTALGIA. Tune into the vision.

1. What is your biggest goal for what you do?

My biggest goal as a musical artist is to create music/visuals that people have a physical reaction to. You ever see something so dope and different that it kind of makes your heart drop? That’s exactly how I want people to react to my work.

2. How does your environment inspire you as a woman?

I think the inspiration from my current environment comes from the way I was raised. My mom never tried to police my identity or make me apologize for who I am. She was more focused on making sure that I grew up an independent thinker. Fast forward to now, I think that’s resulted in me surrounding myself with women who are just as equally unapologetic. I’m inspired by them because these women (much like the women in my family) make moves without feeling like they need to explain themselves. 

3. Tell us your personal style theory in 3 words.

+ Risky
+ Imaginative
+ Bold

Hang Out With Cocomamba IRL, RSVP To NOSTALGIA Here.

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