3 Minutes With Boston Chery

NOSTALGIA our celebration of the divine feminine goes down tomorrow at Kimoto Rooftop in Downtown Brooklyn hosted by a gang of creative goddesses holding it down in NYC. Today, meet one Boston Chery, one of the DJs that will be turning up the wave for the night.

1. What is your biggest goal for what you do?

My Biggest goal is to heal, inspire, motivate and create through music. I want to provide platforms and give opportunities and show that there’s nothing better than succeeding while being yourself.

2. How does your environment inspire you as a woman?

My environment inspires me as a woman by motivating me to create. Women are the original creators and to be able to do it through art is amazing.

3. Tell us your personal style theory in 3 words.

Push, Unite, Create.

Hang Out With Boston Chery IRL, RSVP To NOSTALGIA Here.

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