Wavy Lady Of The Week 012: Elle Mallard


Tell us your name.

Elle Mallard


What’s your wave?

The name’s Michelene Mallard, but I go by Elle. I’m Editor-In-Chief of the NYC based independent hip hop blog Underground King Music (UKM). The site is fairly new, but the premise is just to give artists of the New York culture a platform to shine and give them recognition when its’ due. I also dabble in shooting and editing v-logs that features these artists in a series that I dubbed “Behind the Bars,” which premieres on UKM on a monthly to bi-monthly basis. It’s pretty much a mini-documentary, giving candid vibes on the person profiled. I feel like it’s just a dope way to let hard working indie emcees, femcees, DJs, fashion designers, painters, photographers, etc. know that someone is in their corner. We will thrive together.

How did you get the vision to start your wave? Why?

I’ve always wanted to start something that fused my two first loves: music & writing. After I received my BA in journalism in 2012, I was given the false notion like many WOC to get a good job in the market and live comfortably. The realization that living on the safe side was only going to get me two things: broke and undetermined, living paycheck to paycheck with no drive to want more than I could ever imagine. What really gave me the light bulb to go through with creating my brand was the fact that not only can I succeed by simply just doing what I love, this will create subtle happiness for myself and others… So… why not? What was I waiting for? My only regret was that I didn’t think of this sooner.


What do you keep in your self-care kit?

I keep a journal for my meetings, long term/short term goals and daily budgeting. I keep a notepad for random Ideas that I jot down, new write up ideas and daily tasks that I have to get done. I always check off every task by the time I lay my head on the pillow. I keep “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz, Ph.D. in my bag to read and re-read, daily. I keep Nutralite Organic multivitamins on me for my health. Can’t afford to be sick. Lastly I keep an old cookie fortune with me in my wallet that reads “Success is a journey… not a destination.” I look at it everyday as a reminder of what will be.


What is your all-time favorite sneaker?

Yeezy Red Octobers

What are 3 wavy words that inspire you?

Queendom, Fearlessness, Push

Follow Elle on Instagram: @Undergroundkingmusic_nyc | @karaokeandvodka

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  1. Byrd says:

    I am so proud of this chick right here. From humble beginnings, she is skyrocketing to becoming a real Queen Boss.

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