Wavy Lady Of The Week 011: TT The Artist


Tell us your name.

TT The Artist.

What’s your wave?

I am a Baltimore-based indie recording artist most known for my Baltimore Club anthems and in your face raps. I am performer and multimedia fine artist. My wave is creative and collaborative. I am always rebranding and reintroducing myself to the world through my art.

How did you get the vision to start your wave? Why?

I believe the wave came to me. My vision was never something I planned I was born an artist, therefore it was always in me. Very young I knew I wanted to explore the world through various mediums and platforms of art. I feel that my purpose is to take the experiences I encounter through my journey and share it with others as well as create windows and doors for other artists to share their vision.

What do you keep in your self-care kit?

  1. A Mirror
  2. A Mini Sketchpad
  3. Sparkling Water
  4. Chapstick
  5. Headphones
  6. A Good Music Playlist
  7. A Medium V-Neck Hanes T
  8. A Self-Help book of my choice


What is your all-time favorite sneaker?


Adidas SL Loop Red

What are 3 wavy words that inspire you?

Vibes, Aesthetic, Dope.

See more from TT The Artist on Instagram @tttheartist  and Facebook.

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