P.O.C. Polish is currently debuting their admirable and vibrant new fall/winter nail polish collection. Alot of love and dedication went into making this brand flourish so for all my ladies and gents who love to bless their fingers with a poppin’ nail color then this is definitely a brand to support! You can read more information about P.O.C. below and don’t forget to visit their website and purchase those amazing nail colors for yourself and for your loved ones!

People of Color or P.O.C. Polish is a nail polish brand created to support self expression and individuality. We translate a person of color as an individual with a colorful personality, who is proud to be in their own skin. Through our vibrant colors we reflect the attitudes and style of the creative P.O.C. Polish community. It is empowering and exciting to embrace all colors and cultures our polish represents this movement. P.O.C. Polish is handmade and five free meaning our polish formulation doesn’t contain five of the more toxic ingredients that some traditional polishes use. Our brand hopes to represent the demographics that are not normally followed by beauty brands. Whether it be a rapper, graffiti artist, DJ, etc we will show the variety in the colors that surround us.


The “Proud People of Color” collection is four colors stemming from the indigo colorway. Our Fall/ Winter lookbook features some truly colorful personalities all hailing from the D.M.V. (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia). Each participant is a true representation of P.O.C. Polish. All artists were interviewed and ask to share their thoughts on pride and P.O.C.. Rapper Kelow La Tesha wearing Zeal, Model/ Artist Sonnie Daze wearing Kingz & Queenz, Rapper Rico Nasty wearing Intellect, and Rapper/ Artist Nate Greyski wearing Shabazz. All visuals are shot by Rahim B, better known as Catch Me With the Cannon.



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