Wavy Lady Of The Week 004: Dylan The Gypsy



Tell us your name.

Dylan Ali (dylanthegypsy)


What’s your wave?

I am a DJ and actress! I also enjoy coordinating events and modeling.


How did you get the vision to start your wave? Why?

My grandmother exposed me to the arts at a young age, I’ve always known what I wanted to do. It was just a matter of timing and making it happen(and self belief!)


What do you keep in your self-care kit?

I love water, fruits, candy, lotion, lipstick, and deodorant. My metabolism is fast so I have to stay fueled and hydrated. My days get pretty hectic so I always make sure my body is energized so I can get things done. I also have a phobia of smelling bad & being ashy so I always keep a fragrance and moisturizer on me(often a fragrant lotion).


What is your all-time favorite sneaker?

Chucks!!!! They have been my go to since middle school. New Balances are also extremely cozy.

What are 3 wavy words that inspire you?

Determination, positivity, and inner peace (even though it’s two lol),


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