Spice Up Your House This Halloween With This Cool Decor

Since Halloween is vastly approaching, it’s only fitting to get your crib in it’s proper Halloween attire. We found some really cool trinkets and treats that you can add to your home this season that’ll make the ghosts and goblins feel right at home.


If you want to delve into your witchy powers and try your hand at conducting a seance or you simply just want to bring the good vibes of Selena, Amy Winehouse or Celia Cruz in the mix then these Prayer Candles from Bella Dona will be the perfect fit. You can purchase them HERE.




Plan on serving some goulish treats at your Halloween party? This Skeleton Platter tray from Sourpuss Clothing comes at a decent size of  9″ x 12.5″ and it’s also microwavable and dishwasher safe so you’re good to go. Get it HERE.


You can tell a fortune or two with this cute crystal ball which is priced at a cool $25.90 over at Amazon.com. Go cop it NOW.




You can’t go wrong with this Pumpin sequins baseball hat from Dolls Kill. If you don’t mind spending $38.00 then this would be a cool investment for you. Buy it HERE.


Why not put your favorite magical potion in this awesome travel mug by Gypsy Warrior. And I suggest that you get yours now because they’re having a final sale! Go HERE.


A Ouija board pillow would be perfect for the couch or bed. But if the Ouija board isn’t your style — Treder has a plethora of other options to chose from like The Monster and Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, and more! You can purchase them HERE.

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