5 Reasons On Why You Should Have DJ OHSO At Your Next LITUATION

It’s pretty evident that women DJ’s these days are paving the way in a MAJOR way and challenging the norms while simultaneously making a name for themselves in a male-dominated industry. And it’s safe to say that DJ Ohso is one of those DJ’s that is pursuing her dreams no matter what naysayers say. She’s been doing her thing since 2012 and is conjuring up a pretty decent resume. So with that being said we thought we should give you all little run down on why DJ Ohso should be at your next lituation.

  1.  Ohso is an instructor at Jam Master Jay’s Scratch DJ Academy in both Miami & Atlanta. She is utilizing her talents in a positive way by teaching new and upcoming DJ’s the ropes.

  2.  She’s LIT AF!

  3.  She is the official DJ for Oakland artist Kamaiyah so you know it’s brazy!

  4.  Did I mention that she’s LIT af?! She’s a part of the emerging Bae women’s creative collective in Atlanta.

  5.  She’s DJ’d for 40 Oz Bounce, Nike Training Club, and she has some gigs coming up in Atlanta for the A3C festival this month!

Check out her previous interview with Shade 45 Sway In The Morning as well as a few of her mixes! We hope you rock with Ohso like we do!

Ohso’s Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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