Ladies Of The New Wave

Suzi + Blair | Wavy Lady

Suzi – Founder, and Blair- Creative Director, Of Wavy Lady | Photos By Jay Tovar

“I’m having a girl moment”  has always been the apologetic phrase to play down a more feminine way of communicating as a woman.  Today,  we are making our own waves and aren’t apologizing for being great. We are protectors of the modern day girl moment – welcome to our wave.

Wavy Lady is a global group of creative women-identified entrepreneurs who flourish in our own personal uniqueness and individuality.

Our vision is to identify and connect, in person and in a digital space, to represent ourselves and show love for our feminine energy. Here on we share many ideas based on our experiences from a femme perspective. Watch our moves – this is a girl moment massive.

Stay tuned, the wave will be rising higher.

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